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Kogen Martial Arms and Instruction, Ninpo, Ninjutsu, Jujutsu, Goshin jutsu, Ninja

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Kogen Ninpo Dojo is an authentic classical Japanese training school.  The Dojo was established in 1989 by Sensei Tracy Corder to assist in bringing the authentic art of Ninpo out of the shadows of the past and into the hearts and lives of people today.  Based on the ancient martial arts of the legendary ninja, Ninpo Bugei is taught for illumination, awareness and the defense of one's mind, body and spirit.

Located in the rual area of Buckley, Washington.  Classes are taught by Sensei Corder who has over thirty six years of martial arts training experience.   It is his personal goal to provide students with the mental and physical skills to cope with all aggressions. 

The Bansenshukai says:

"The  essential element for a Ninja (Shinobi) is a pure heart.  If a Ninja pursues the wrong course using trickery or plots, his heart cannot be pure and his judgment will always be misguided, never permitting an honest course of action.  If such a person uses Ninjutsu for only his or her benefit or that of an evil superior, their actions will betray them showing they were responsible.  There may be initial success providing money and fame, but they will tumble from their high pedestals before long.  The heart of a Ninja is pure and honest."

We have moved to Buckley, WA., USA 

Now accepting new students for 2017, please call (253)-862-7160 and leave message, or Email us at sensei@kogenninpodojo.com